First time on a new blog

Good evening folks,

Happy Fourth of July coming. Everybody stay safe and eat lots. Some old news, my short story for The Montana Ranch series – entitled One Touch at Cob’s Bar and Grill will be released sometime in August or Sept. Then my next book – Love’s Embers – the first of the Canon City series – will be out sometime after that. I haven’t gotten release dates yet from my publisher – Books to Go, Now!. As soon as I get those I’ll post it here.

My second book in the Canon City series – Love on Ice – went to the readers this last weekend and I told them they have until the end of July. I may send it in to the publisher late this summer to see what they think about maybe releasing Book 1 and 2 together.

Right now I’m working on another reincarnation-paranormal romance – tentatively called I Will Follow You to the End. It’s turned into a bee in my bonnet and all I want to do is work on it. The story starts in present day Everett Washington, the couple originally met in Gaul 40 AD.  EEEEEE….I have to go work now. More to follow…. 🙂

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