What a week…

My new short story – One Touch at Cob’s Bar and Grill – The Montana Ranch Series book 3, was released on 7/31. The back cover blurb is below. It’s available in eBook and paperback form.

Anna Sheets has been running from her ex-husband for two years. She’s been up and down the west and mid-western states, but finally finds a town, Willow Creek, Montana and job she likes and doesn’t want to give it up. The people are nice and for the first time she feels safe.
Sam Crawford, P.I., was hired by Anna’s husband a year and half ago. He’s found her in several different locations, but has lost her each time.
Until he caught up with her in Truckee, Nevada, were they had an explosive one night stand that left them both breathless and re-evaluating the circumstances.
Now, he’s found her again and, instead of her running away, he wants her to run to him. He wants to help learn how to trust and feel safe again.

I’ve been under the weather, but feeling better today. More to come soon folks, Lauren Marie