Another review for One Touch at Cob’s Bar and Grill

This arrived in my email this morning. What a great way to wake up on a cloudy Tuesday. Thanks to Jennifer Silverwood for the wonderful review of One Touch at Cob’s Bar and Grill
Author Jennifer Silverwood. 
“LOVED the story. Here’s my two cents:

A short and bittersweet adult romance with substance and class. I truly enjoyed “One Touch” and would love to see this fully realized in novel format. But sometimes the best stories are the ones told with the least fluff, fewer words. The author more than manages this feat by digging us deep into Anna’s emotional journey and Sam’s determination to share her life. When I call this adult, I don’t mean barely clad Fabios cavorting on beaches with buxom bombshells. I mean that in just a few pages, we see a tale as old as modern times. Anna is on the run from her no-good cheating husband and Sam is the man hired to find her. But what he uncovers in the process isn’t the mentally disturbed female her ex made her out to be, but a strong willed, independent woman. In spite of her troubles, Anna struggles the best she can to make do and enjoy her life. Sam is helpless in loving her. Now if only he can convince her he’s in for the long haul, not a single one-night stand.
You won’t want to miss this gem. I found it refreshing to read a story simple in the way only the best love stories can be, and complex because they are just as flawed as only people can be.”

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