Hello Friends!

Today I am participating in the Fall In Love With Books Blog Hop! What does that mean? Essentially it’s all about the reader and here’s all you need to do…

1) Click on the linky below once you’ve followed the rest of the directions

2) Follow it to all the blogs and enter to win awesome prizes!

3) Don’t forget to leave a comment below about your favorite thing to do in spring for your chance to win a copy of one of my novels. Also, don’t forget to leave me a link to your Facebook page so I can contact the winner. 

The grand prize on Voir Media Groups Website is a Kindle Fire!

Now for a little about my latest title LOVE’S EMBERS

loves embers final

As kids, Lark Metcalfe and Charlie Stone saved each other and Canon City, Colorado from bullies, dark knights and alien invaders. Then one terrible night, Charlie accidently killed his abusive father and Lark watched the police take her best friend away knowing she couldn’t save him.

Now, thirteen years later, Charlie has come home. He’s driven a big rig around the country for all these years and is tired of being alone. Lark owns an on-line business and is engaged to be married on New Year’s Eve, but she’s haunted by a secret and very angry that Charlie just left her behind.

Lark and Charlie have a lot of hurts to forgive. Will they be able to accept their past and rekindle the friendship and love that bound them so many years ago? Can they forgive each other and themselves for the dark secrets that are in their hearts and turn a childhood spark into a mature flame?




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